• June 30, 2022

Automating iCluster Start-up – Part 3

As a follow up to our last post – let’s look at the parameters around the DMSTRCST command. Here is the command:


The first parameter STRGRP indicates whether you want all groups except for refresh only groups (which are never started by this command) to be automatically started once the nodes are up and running. It has only 2 values *YES and *NO. *YES will start all groups that have their AUTOSTART parameter for the group set to *YES regardless of their primary and backup nodes. The value *NO tells the command to not start any groups.

The second parameter STRAPY is the same as the parameter on the DMSTRGRP command – do you want to start the apply processes for groups started? *NOCHG preserves the last operational status of the apply process on the backup node, *YES starts the apply processes while *NO does not start any apply processes.

MSGQUEUE allows you to specify a message queue other than QSYSOPR to which status and alert messages from the command will be sent. *CURRENT will use the message queue for the current user who submits the command.

MAXWAITTCP specifies in minutes how long the command should wait for TCP/IP to come up before it attempts to start the XDMCLUSTER subsystem for iCluster jobs. The default is 10 minutes.

The next two parameters ATTEMPTS and MAXWAITNOD specify how many attempts will be made to start an individual node and how long the command will wait for the node to become active before proceeding to the next step. The defaults are 1 attempt and 10 minutes.

The last two parameters GRPSTRDLY and MAXWAITGRP are similar to the previous parameters but for starting groups. By default the command will wait 30 seconds for iCluster processes to come fully up before starting any groups and will wait a maximum of 10 minutes for a group to come active.

Other facts about DMSTRCST include:

  • It can be run on any node BUT the XDMCLUSTER subsystem and TCP/IP MUST be active on any other nodes that are being started by the command, although not on the node that the command is being run.
  • The command does not appear on the main iCluster menu but is in GO DMCMDS under Utilities.
  • ICLUSTER does not need to be the current library when this command is run.
  • The user running the command will need the IBM i authority to start and end subsystems.

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