• June 27, 2022

Automating iCluster Start-up – Part 4

In previous posts we covered the DMSTRCST command for automating iCluster start-up. In this post we will introduce the partner command DMENDCST to end iCluster processes.


DMENDCST (End iCluster Processes) ends iCluster processes including ending active groups using the current node, ending the current node and ending the product subsystem XDMCLUSTER. This command is typically used as part of a shutdown CL program either from a job scheduler or an IPL shutdown program. In detail here are the steps that are performed:

  1. End the groups using this node if required.
  2. Wait until the groups have ended operations.
  3. End the current node if required.
  4. Wait for node to become inactive for the time specified and if the node does not become inactive, end.
  5. End the XDMCLUSTER subsystem on the current node if required.

Note that while DMSTRCST attempts to start up processes on other nodes than the node on which the command is being run, this command basically acts on the current node only. So you should run DMENDCST from the node on which you wish to bring down iCluster operations.

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