• June 29, 2022

Rocket at 25: stop the countdown!

Even though Rocket was founded in 1990, the company flew beneath most people’s radar for the first few years. It wasn’t until this ad appeared in the November, 1993 issue of Data Management Review magazine that the team realized they had been noticed. And while Rocket wasn’t mentioned by name, the implications were pretty clear.

Platinum Technology ad

These days DM Review is part of Information Management, and Platinum Technology closed its doors in 1999. But in an interesting twist of fate, Rocket CEO Andy Youniss and Platinum founder Andrew “Flip” Filipowski have become good friends, with Flip even attending the most recent Rocket Leadership Summit as a guest speaker. And while most companies wouldn’t consider being referenced in a competitor’s ad to be something worth celebrating, for many members of the Rocket team, this serves as a reminder of the first time they could truly say “we’ve arrived.”

Be sure to check back next Thursday for another look at Rocket’s history.

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