• June 27, 2022

Rocket welcomes the new IBM z13 mainframe

IBM’s new Z13 mainframe (via IBM.com)

Today is a very big day in the mainframe computing community. That’s because IBM is launching its anticipated next generation of mainframe technology: the IBM z13. On its surface, this is great for enterprises around the world because the new system packs increased capacity than its predecessor, the zEC12 (which was introduced in 2012). This will have massive benefits for companies that need reliable computing for large amount of data, and will also support mobile and cloud-based deployments. IBM z13 is a major step forward because it fully integrates data, transactions, and analytics, giving enterprises the ability to get instant insights and take immediate actions. And needless to say, it is amazingly energy-efficient and will allow servers to take up far less space.

The specific benefits of z13 are many, but the most exciting thing about this new technology is that it demonstrates IBM’s ongoing commitment to innovation and development in the mainframe sector. If anyone ever needed proof that mainframes are here to stay, and that IBM is leading the way, look no further than the z13. This product represents years of thought and effort by IBM, and Rocket Software is honored to be part of the ecosystem of partners that supports this groundbreaking development. Rocket loves the mainframe.


IBM Z13 Capabilities

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