• February 20, 2019

Winter weather season is here: is your High Availability / Disaster Recovery (HADR) solution ready?

If you’re not running U2 Replication or RFS, be aware that your systems are not adequately prepared.

Last winter, in Pennsylvania, one of our customers knew an intense ice storm was headed directly for them.


They attempted to patiently wait it out, hoping the ice would not take down the power lines. But, unfortunately, it did. So, they were forced to rely upon their diesel generator. The next day, instead of showing any mercy, the ice storm actually got worse and now they were running out of diesel fuel!

But they had more than just one more generator or lifeline to protect them from the storm. They had U2 Replication to a remote server in Atlanta, where fortunately the weather patterns are more predictable and far less severe.

Before winter had officially set in, they had adequately prepped for disastrous winter weather conditions. They had installed U2 Replication, tested it and trained their staff. They knew how to cut over to the Subscriber at the remote location. They performed an immediate controlled failover from Publisher to Subscriber, and began running on the Subscriber system in Atlanta. With thinking ahead and preparing, they only lost six transactions – (the ones that were in flight from Publisher to Subscriber), and no broken files, so they were up immediately!

Their sales staff was absolutely elated for they were able to continue to sell over the Internet even though their home office was shut down due to the power outage!

The IT staff became “superheroes” overnight.

Visit us at the Rocket U2 HADR Portal to learn more about complete solutions or to request more information through hitting our contact form on the portal.

Let us help you become the hero of your storm!


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