• July 1, 2022

IBM InterConnect keynote: What will you do with Watson?

IBM WatsonAt Tuesday’s Watson Keynote at IBM InterConnect 2015, IBM SVP Mike Rhodin – who leads the IBM Watson business unit – asked, “What will you do with Watson?” Ever since the IBM Jeopardy Challenge we have heard lots of stories about how Watson is being used in various ways in verticals including law, hospitality, and healthcare.

But what about those of us in the IT industry? What are we doing with cognitive computing? My answer, to be blunt, is, “not enough.” I think it’s because when we think of Watson, we are only thinking about the Q&A type interaction that we have been shown, and we can’t conceive of interacting with a cognitive machine to help us do our jobs better. What if we could use cognitive computing to help us make better decisions, such as what platform should we deploy an application on? Or what is an optimal way to access, share, and use particular data in our systems?

There are so many options in the ways that IT professionals can do their job, but we all seem to default to the techniques that we already know rather than tapping the very technologies that we implement for others to help ourselves! I want to use Watson for IT analytics. And when I get back to the office, I plan to look at how to apply cognitive computing in a way that creates better thought leaders in IT.

Let me know if you’re interested in joining me in this journey. I think it will be fun.


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