• June 28, 2022

IBM InterConnect keynote: z Systems dispatch

25 years ago Rocket Software was born with its first product, which was built for the IBM mainframe. Today we have over 100 products for the IBM mainframe, and we plan to deliver three new ones this year. Needless to say, at Rocket we love the mainframe!

Today at the IBM InterConnect conference I attended the z Systems keynote address with an enthusiastic crowd listening to IBM and its customers talking about the transformations that businesses are going through and providing real-world examples of how the mainframe is responding to these changes.

Ross Mauri, GM of IBM z Systems, introduced us to the newest mainframe, the z13, and emphasized that it combines the fundamentals that mainframe is already known for with new capabilities for the digital and mobile economy.

IBM’s new Z13 mainframe (via IBM.com)

IBM is great at having its customers tell the story. The leader of Radixx, a rapidly growing company in the travel industry, stood up and told us that for years he was convinced that a server farm of x86 servers was THE way to support his company. Until three months ago. That’s when his company looked at the IBM mainframe and decided to move its core system over to z13.

Kyle Charlet, an IBM STSM, also took the stage – and he reminded my why I am such a Kyle Charlet fan: he understands application developers as well as mainframe system administrators. If you ever have a chance to meet or listen to Kyle, I strongly recommend that you do. You will not be sorry, and I promise that you will be inspired by his expertise and IBM’s technical leadership overall.

Another common theme that I have heard in almost every keynote or analytics-focused presentation this week is this simple concept: “Move the analytics closer to the data, versus moving the data to the analytics.”

It sounds simple, but unfortunately it’s not the norm. At Rocket, we fully endorse this concept and it is the primary motivation behind our Data Virtualization strategy. If you’re still here at the conference, stop by our booth (#1000) and we can show you this technology running on z/OS and we can share stories about our customers who are doing this today.

Mike Perera discussing z Systems hybrid cloud
Mike Perera discussing z Systems hybrid cloud

Michael Perera, Vice President, zSystems Software at IBM started his portion of the keynote by saying that the mainframe is so much more than assembler code. Amen, Mike! Last year IBM marked the 50th anniversary of the mainframe, and one of the key themes of the celebration is that mainframes continue to lead the way when it comes to scalability, reliability, speed, and adaptability to platforms ranging from mobile to cloud. In short, IBM mainframes can do just about anything – which is why major financial institutions, governments, manufacturing companies, and organizations in many other verticals rely on System Z to meet their technical and business goals.

At Rocket, we love the mainframe, and we are proud to be the major sponsor of this IBM InterConnect 2015. Please feel free to come by our booth to talk to dozens of our mainframe experts…and of course, swing by the Aerosmith concert that we are sponsoring on Wednesday night.


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