• July 1, 2022

Why I’m excited about the new IBM z13 mainframe

IBM’s new Z13 mainframe (via IBM.com)

For decades I (and many other Rocketeers) have been extolling the virtues of mainframe computers, so it’s no secret that I think it is the single best technology for managing massive amounts of data for use in the cloud, mobile–and just about every other platform. That’s why I’m so excited about z13, IBM’s new powerhouse mainframe system.

z13 has amazing capabilities that help organizations bring their applications and analytics closer to their business data…and closer to their single version of the truth. Organizations that don’t do this are going to fall behind because they simply have too much data to drag around, copy, replicate, ETL, warehouse, secure, process, analyze, backup, and archive. That’s why it’s critical to leave the data where it is. On the mainframe. The new IBM z13 mainframe is built exactly for this purpose.

Back in 1990, when we started Rocket, mainframe data stayed on the mainframe. Nobody thought about processing it anywhere else. Over the past 25 years I happily watched the extract/transform/load (ETL) and data warehouse trend—from the sideline. We never transformed our company into an ETL company. We never transformed Rocket into a data warehouse company. We heard the pundits talk about the need to move data off of the z platform. But we knew better.

Instead, we invested more in mainframe technology. We knew that data volumes would grow exponentially, and we also knew that transaction volumes, especially fueled by mobile applications, would grow exponentially.

And as IBM rolls out the incredible mobile and analytic capabilities of its new z13 mainframe, we are perfectly positioned to help organizations around the world take advantage of all that power.

Turn your mainframe on to mobile. Move your applications and your analytics closer to your data.

At Rocket, we love the mainframe–especially the new z13!


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