• June 25, 2022

Live from IBM InterConnect: a new way forward

The third and final general session of IBM InterConnect 2015 ended an hour ago, giving attendees a lot to think about. While the first two general sessions focused on new ways to think and work, this one was looking out to the next 20 years.

IBM’s Marie Wieck summed up the three main themes of the event at the beginning

  1. Everything is becoming digitized
  2. Technology is becoming omnipresent
  3. The combination of these two provides unlimited potential

A few highlights of the session included

A talk by Lisa Seacat DeLuca, IBM’s most prolific female inventor. With hundreds of patents to her name, she discussed how she began inventing as a child. the combination of smaller, faster and simpler tech will make the Internet of Things that we all talk so much about a seamless, integral part of our lives.

A presentation by Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido, who has deployed thousands of tablets to its beauty consultants to help them make personalized recommendations to customers by taking photos and trying different colors virtually. Mobile has completely changed the way the company engages with customers, and realtime data from the field helps them refine product strategy much more quickly than in the past.


A discussion of serious gaming by Phaedra Boinodiris, who revealed that 67% of heads of household in the US play games regularly, and that the strategies employed by gaming companies are now finding their way into all areas of software development.

Congratulations to the IBM team for a great series of sessions. And now, we’re off to see Aerosmith!

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