• October 19, 2018

Live from IBM InterConnect: a new way to work

The second general session of IBM InterConnect took place at the end of the day on Tuesday, and opened with the announcement of several new product offerings.

The first was Trusteer Apex, an advanced malware protection tool that offers protection against new, previously unknown threats.

Keeping with the theme of security, the next announcement was IBM X-Force Exchange, a tool that allows users to collaborate and communicate through a community interface to keep each other updated on new viruses, hacking attempts, and more.

As anyone can tell who has followed the recent Net Neutrality debate taking place in the US, network infrastructure is quickly becoming as vital as physical infrastructure, and the connected devices that hold so much promise rely on networks that are fast, stable and robust. To help address those needs, the IBM team announced a new partnership with Juniper Networks, with Juniper tools providing network visibility at flow and application levels for increased insight.

Predictive analytics is a field that’s quickly gaining steam, and IBM noted that in the current environment, there aren’t enough skilled business analysts and data scientists to meet the needs business users have for insight. To help address that, they have added new capabilities to Watson in order to empower line of business professionals.

The last announcement involved a new office communications tool called Verse, which improves on the email experience by helping to weed out clutter and keeping you connected to the people you work with the most.

To provide a real-world example of how all of these modern data and analytics tools can have real results, the team behind the Lucas Oil #77 offshore speedboat came on stage. They discussed how the team uses over 80 different sensors sources in the boat to monitor performance–as well as biometric data from throttle man Nigel Hook–and feed that data to an on-shore team, who can them advise Nigel over his radio. It’s allowed him to stop worrying about all of the dials and gauges on his dashboard and focus on steering the boat. The team used IBM Bluemix to build the implementation, and has improved their standings as a result.

All of the tools showcased in the session had a common theme: helping business users be more productive and empowered through better access to usable data. IBM has realized that it’s not enough to provide developers with powerful tools and expect them to support end users–end users want to be part of the process. As the IBM team put it, they don’t want to just provide tools. They want to give users a new way to work.

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