• July 1, 2022

Rocket at 25: a memento from our first trade show

Rocket cap
Look ma–no logo

One of the earliest pieces of Rocket memorabilia in CEO Andy Youniss’ collection comes from the first trade show the company attended as an exhibitor, back in the early 1990s. Andy recalls seeing a baseball cap a friend had from his time in the US Navy, and liking the way Navy was spelled out in big, bold capital letters. As the show came closer, he decided to have a similar style cap made to give away, with “Rocket” spelled out in a similar font (this was before Rocket had an actual logo).

The team only ordered 50 pieces thinking there wouldn’t be much demand. They ended up giving all of them away on the first day, and had dozens more people come by to ask for one after seeing other attendees wearing them. The team decided to place a rush order with the supplier to get more shipped overnight directly to the booth so they could hand out more before the show ended.

These days, we come to shows with a wider range of items and a bit more stock. If you’re attending IBM InterConnect next week in Las Vegas, be sure to stop by our booth in the expo hall, where we’ll be giving away Aerosmith shirts, magnetic clips, EOS lip balm and more. See you there!

Andy Youniss
And it still fits!

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