• June 29, 2022

Join us at the Rocket 25 DiGIT “Enabling Your Enterprise for Digital Transformation” dinner & conference March 25-26

In 2015, the prevailing theme we hear from our customers is “Digital Transformation.” It’s about designing and implementing responsive business models. It’s about embracing the fast pace of technological change and its effect on the entire value chain. It’s about having truly “enterprise-class” solutions that are robust and scalable across your global organization. But, it’s not just about solutions & applications – it’s about outcomes, payback, and end results. It prompts inquiries about the available technologies that can help you meet continually changing customer and partner needs. It stirs questions about how to best leverage capabilities to outperform your competitors and it evokes queries about how to best prepare your infrastructure for the digital economy.

At the Rocket 25 DiGIT event, you’ll learn how to realize those positive outcomes faster as we discuss how to store, manage, protect, share, visualize and leverage insights about your data, as well as increase compliance and minimize risk.

  • Hear Andy Youniss, Founder & CEO at Rocket Software, talk about how the company, from its inception 25 years ago, has continually developed software to ensure that all of its customers have the resources to stay ahead of the game by meeting their challenging technology needs, as well as those of their customers.
  • Darius Zand, Chairman, ITA (Automotive Partnership Association), will discuss current trends in the automotive sector and will touch upon Industry 4.0 and its efforts to help organizations achieve greater flexibility and robustness in a complex environment.
  • IBM’s Karmjeet Kahlon, WW Director zEnterprise Software Sales, will review the latest information and developments related to IBM mainframes.
  • Bryan Smith, Rocket’s Chief Technology Officer, will provide insight on how to prepare your infrastructure to meet the needs of the new digital economy.

Other Rocket experts will discuss how to:

  • modernize applications
  • maximize your mainframe investment
  • efficiently send/receive B2B transactions, and
  • securely exchange proprietary product design data.

To wrap it up, Bob Potter, Rocket’s Senior VP & General Manager, will tie it all together with “Transformative Business Intelligence & Analytics,” where he’ll reveal how you can achieve the analytic rigor to make better, faster decisions resulting in a more responsive, digitally transformed enterprise.

You can visit our website to learn more and register.

Rocket DIGIT
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