• June 30, 2022

Rocket at 25: Build it with Rocket

In 2015 Rocket celebrates its 25th birthday, and I am celebrating my first year with Rocket. This is a good occasion to look back on an eventful and exciting time for me. When Rocket acquired my employer, Trubiquity, last March, we were all very excited but not too sure what the future would bring – and what it would mean for us.

The acquisition also raised a few bigger questions for me. That’s because in my mind software development isn’t about writing code or designing applications or having new ideas: it’s about doing all three at once. This is an important component for innovation, and it’s often one of the reasons why start-ups are successful. I had always been sure that this was easier to do in smaller companies, but I wasn’t sure if it would continue when we were part of Rocket, a company with more than 1,000 team members. It turned out that my fears were unfounded.

In September 2014 all Rocketeers were invited to participate in Rocket.Build. We were all encouraged to come up with our own projects, and out of all of the entries about 20 teams (including mine) were asked to participate in a “hackathon” competition during the annual Rocket leadership summit in Boston. I was really excited, because in my eyes that kind of idea is at the heart of innovative software development!

Rocket Build Award WinnersIt was a great week. We coded for hours and hours every day and got to know other Rocket developers from all over the world. We also got to interact with Rocketeers from all the different departments, like sales, marketing, HR, and finance in an informal and really relaxed atmosphere. It was an intense week, and I’ll always remember when Rocket CEO Andy Youniss presented the Founder’s Cup to our team.

So, where am I regarding the concerns I had when Trubiquity became part of Rocket?

I have completely changed my mind about the innovation possibilities in a bigger company. There is no link between the size of a company and the enthusiasm regarding innovations. It depends on the company, its ideas and its convictions. Rocket.Build convinced me that with Rocket you can innovate, you can imagine, and you can get known to the unknown. I hope that I will be able to tell you more for our 26th birthday…

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Hagen Storch is Senior Software Architect in the Rocket Trubiquity lab


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