• July 1, 2022

Rocket + SHARE: A perfect pair

As Rocket Software celebrates our 25th anniversary, we look back on our long collaboration with the mainframe user community, SHARE – the first user group for IT organizations. Here at Rocket, we fully support the mission of SHARE to provide a venue for the on-going discussion of issues around enterprise IT. Whether the issue is leveraging new capabilities of the platform, preparing for emerging application or data models, or working with universities to recruit interns and new engineers, Rocket brings its expertise to bear at SHARE. While Rocket is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015 SHARE is celebrating its 60th anniversary, and Rocket wishes SHARE many more years of success.

Rocket at SHARE
Come visit the Rocket booth!

In the nearly 15 years that Rocket has engaged with SHARE, our experts have delivered numerous technical sessions (over a dozen in 2014) across a wide range of topics, including z/OS, z/VM, Enterprise Data Center Management, and Information Management. Rocketeers have provided thought leadership in various discussions, and we have been involved in the leadership of SHARE, including participation on the SHARE Board of Directors. We also exhibit at the SHARE Technology Exchange to ensure that Rocketeers get first-hand feedback from our customers.

We believe it is critical for us to interact with the mainframe community, and we will continue to support the work of SHARE. We look forward to continuing to enhance our relationship with SHARE as part of our commitment to put our customers and partners first. We look forward to seeing you there!

Rocket <3 z
We love z!

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