• June 27, 2022

Workaround for creating an output file for files with triggers/constraints reports

In our last post we covered the File with Triggers Report, which is option 7 from the Reports Menu. For those folks who don’t read comments or perhaps skipped this blog post, it was discovered that the command actually fails to create an output database file if it does not already exist! Ooops!

There is a workaround that will enable an output file to be created for both this report and the Files with Constraints Report. Simply use CPYF to copy the DMTRGLIST or DMCSTLIST file from the ICLUSTER library into your own library. You must keep the name the same i.e. DMTRGLIST or DMCSTLIST and make sure you specify CRTFILE(*YES). Now specify this file name in the command and you are good to go.


We will fix this small bug in the next interim fix for iCluster 7.1 TR2.

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