• October 20, 2018

Using DMMRKPOS SAVOBJ(*YES) to synchronize iCluster 7.1 TR2

At iCluster 7.1 TR2 we introduced a new capability to the DMMRKPOS command to allow objects in replication scope to be automatically saved as part of the command. What this new capability does is reduce or eliminate the OBS (Obsolete) objects on the backup reported as out of sync by a *CHKOBSLETE sync check. Prior […]

The small cloud: How cloud impacts SMEs

As I’ve been looking at the cloud economy, an issue has been in the back of my mind–how is the cloud affecting small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs)? While most discussions on cloud-based business focus on the big guys (think Salesforce) there is actually an interesting story to tell looking at smaller businesses. After all, SMEs account for […]