Announcing Rocket Discover: Business Intelligence for business users

Today, we are pausing for a moment to announce the availability of Rocket Discover, an intuitive, self-service Business Intelligence solution for business users. It’s an exciting day as all the folks involved in a product launch can celebrate endless months of work. In my career I’ve been involved in countless product launches, but the launch of Rocket Discover has truly been one for the books. And I say that in a positive way. The brain trust, the people, and the chutzpah-all combined to develop a cutting-edge product in a very crowded market space!

Rocket Discover Data Prep

Data prep in Rocket Discover

While we might be the new kids on the block of self-service business intelligence, we are by no means the new kids on the block in the business intelligence and data market.  As Rocket Software celebrates its 25th birthday this year, it’s the experience and talent that comes with being in business for 25 years that affords us the ability to launch Rocket Discover. Many of our key differentiators are the result of our expertise and success with data connectivity, data preparation, data visualization, and our relationship with IBM.

Let me start with data connectivity. Rocket Discover doesn’t rely on data connectivity through 3rd party vendors. We understand the complexity that disparate data sources bring to the game. When a driver fails and you can’t successfully connect to a source that’s paramount to business insights you need, we are there to help you. We won’t tell you to call someone else. This key differentiator makes our level of connectivity–from mainframe data sources to multi-value, social, desktop all the way to native drivers for IBM Cognos TM1 cubes–truly first class.

Self-service data preparation is also in the Rocket sweet spot. Our team of has been developing and supporting data preparation capabilities for decades. You could say we were way ahead of our time with regard to data prep for BI.  What’s really exciting is that we’ve taken this long standing knowledge and engineered a simplified data prep solution fully integrated with the data discovery and visualization product, one that totally aligns with our self-service model. I’m not talking about a mere join operation, either. We boil down all data enrichment, transformation, merge operations to just seven functions. To learn more, read Alan Brown’s post “What if anyone could do data prep?” for the details.

Rocket’s relationship with IBM has also been instrumental. Andy Youniss, our CEO, and Patrick Spedding, Managing Director of the Business Intelligence lab, have deep relationships across IBM. It’s through these relationships that we developed a unique partnership with IBM.  If you could have visited our lab in Australia, you would have seen some of the TM1 product managers and engineers working side-by-side with the Rocket engineers as the Rocket Discover TM1 Live Connect was developed and tested. Using TM1 Live Connect, users can connect to TM1 cubes for direct-view access and in one-click, create dashboards.

These are but a few of the exciting features you’ll experience in Rocket Discover. Trust me there are many more.

I started this post by saying we were pausing for a moment.  I meant that. We have a pretty aggressive plan in place for the remainder of 2015. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on any of it. I also said we were the new kid on the block for self-service BI. We may be the new kid on the block this year, but I look forward to writing a post when we’re the only kid left on the block! I hope you’ll join us for the ride.

TM1 and non TM1 Dashboard

TM1 and non-TM1 dashboard

Dashboard filters budget vs actuals

Rocket Discover dashboard filters

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Julianna Cammarano

Julianna Cammarano is Director of Product Marketing in the Rocket MultiValue group

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