Business Intelligence for everyone: Anticipation builds for Rocket Discover!

What if businesses could see their data in colorful dashboard charts and graphs? To analyze the company data they want, when they want, quickly and easily by themselves–with just a click or two?

Introducing … Rocket Software’s Rocket Discover!

Rocket Software is a global software developer that delivers enterprise products and solutions. It provides a self-service, intuitive data preparation and discovery solution for business managers and executives, which exposes trends, outliers, and information to help users make better decisions and act quickly in the marketplace.

Rocket Discover Sales Dashboard

A sample Rocket Discover sales dashboard

It used to be IT departments that delivered reports business needs. But today business managers want to see the data and analyze it by themselves. “Business users and analysts are demanding access to self-service capabilities beyond data discovery and interactive visualization … to include access to sophisticated data integration tools to prepare data for analysis,” says Gartner (see “Predicts 2015: Power Shift in Business Intelligence and Analytics Will Fuel Disruption,” 21 November 2014).

And Rocket Discover delivers!

Discover is a Business Intelligence solution that anyone can use. It’s intuitive and easy to learn. Businesses no longer have to rely on IT, because Discover doesn’t require extensive DBMS knowledge and database administrators. The programming’s done!

The most commonly requested guided analytics capabilities are provided out-of-the-box,a nd Discover provides a visual exploration canvas interface that guides analysts every step of the way. Discover is simple and intuitive – from data connection and preparation, to analysis and simple reporting.

  • Connect to local data sources, enterprise, multivalue, mainframe, IBM Cognos TM1, and beyond.
  •  Access data across the enterprise, regardless of location or format. Discover has all the tools to transform different data sources into a single result set to analyze in a dashboard. No need to buy another product!
  •  Data preparation is simple. Discover reduces several dozen transformation operations to seven commands or”query nodes.”
  •  Discover connects easily to the mainframe. It supports both Linux and Windows, and provides IBM Cognos TM1 connectivity.
  •  Perform in memory and live query.

With Rocket Discover, business users or executives can quickly create charts and graphs by themselves and they can easily share dashboards with the team to discuss strategy and issues.

Discover provides an end-to-end discovery solution that encompasses all functionality into one integrated solution … on premise or in the cloud.

Discover launches this month. Check out the preview page!

Contact us to learn more about Rocket Discover solutions.
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