Rocketeers around the world celebrated Rocket’s 25th birthday

As you may have read in Andy’s latest post, yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the day Rocket Software was founded. The day was marked by celebrations around the world, by teams in Rocket offices as well as by Rocketeers who work from home. Here are just a few examples of different ways the Rocket team celebrated the day, from lunch parties to volunteering trips.

Rocket Waltham

The HQ team in Waltham got together for lunch, then a group photo in the cafeteria


Rocket China

Hello from the Rocket China team

Rocket Mannheim

The team in Mannheim, Germany is ready for takeoff

Rocket Dordrecht

The team in Dordrecht, Netherlands celebrated with a scavenger hunt

Rocket light art

Light art from our Chelyabinsk, Russia team

Rocket 25

Two WFH Rocketeers helped feed homeless veterans

Rocket Burj

Anita Tse repped Rocket from Dubai atop the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world

Bottle rockets

Joe Baumgarten from the Aldon team launched 25 (bottle) rockets to celebrate

Rocket Troy

The team from Troy, Michigan volunteered at Vista Maria, a support facility for children

There are dozens of more pictures we could share, and these are only a few examples of ways Rocketeers celebrated, but they give a good look at how we celebrated around the world. Here’s to the next 25 years!

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