• July 23, 2018
#ThrowbackThursday Rocket at 25

Rocket at 25: how my career started with a summer internship

A lot of people in the technology industry have a story about an event early in their careers that helped set the course for the next several decades. For me, my “lucky break” happened when I was in between my sophomore and junior year in college. In the summer of 1981, I was an intern […]

Rocket Software MultiValue

Parse JSON with U2 Dynamic Objects

UniVerse and UniData now have the ability to work with JSON or XML as an object, simplifying when you need to either create or consume those formats. As of UniVerse 11.1 and UniData 7.3, U2 Dynamic Objects (UDO for short) help you easily work with these formats. Weather Service To help us build our example, […]

Events Technology

Join Rocket Software at The Big M

The Big M is an unprecedented opportunity to connect with advanced manufacturing experts, technologies, and solutions that are building the future like Rocket Software.  The Big M will be taking place June 2nd – 4th at Cobo Center in the heart of downtown Detroit, Michigan. We are excited to be attending this event this year for […]

Funtional Silios in a company Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Devops

Silo madness: how to put an end to silos with DevOps and ALM

“Silos, and how to prevent them” is one of those business issues at the top of many a board meeting agenda, and has been for years. When silos exist in your company, information is not shared. When information is not shared, teams work from bad data. With bad data comes bad decisions and wrong courses […]

Rocket Software HADR TechTuesday

iCluster Journal Analysis Report Part 2 – Spool Files

In our last posts we covered the basics the DMANZJRN command used for journal analysis. The net result of the command is a set of 8 spool files with the results of the analysis. In this post we will list these spool files. Here are the spool files produced: DMANZJBAND – Total numbers of entries […]

Andy Youniss and MBA team Community

Boston College MBA students are helping improve the way we measure productivity

We are proud of the broad community we have built over the past 25 years. Actively connecting and collaborating with local colleges and universities near our Boston headquarters (including Berklee, Framingham State, Wentworth, Northeastern, Boston University, Tufts, and Boston College) is one important dimension of our commitment to community. Earlier this year my friend Scott […]

RocketSoftware.com v1 #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: looking back at RocketSoftware.com v1.0

It’s hard to imagine a time before the World Wide Web, but in the mid-to-late 1990s, many companies still didn’t have websites. Many of the companies that were online had sites that look primitive today–just take a look at some old versions of eBay, Google and the New York Times. The initial appearance of RocketSoftware.com, […]

GitHub MultiValue

Rocket MultiValue on GitHub

Did you know that Rocket Software has lots of sample code and demos on GitHub? The main repository for Rocket MV can be found at https://www.github.com/RocketSoftware/multivalue-lab. You’ll find resources organized into U2 and D3 main directories, and underneath that should be a self explanatory structure of demos organized by technology. What is GitHub? “GitHub is […]

HADR TechTuesday

iCluster Journal Analysis Report Part 1 – Basics

In the last 4 posts we covered the basics of journaling, as journaling is the main mechanism used by iCluster and other logical software replication tools running on IBM i. Now that we know how to determine what files/objects are being journaled to which journal and how to see what entries are in the journal, […]

Community Events MultiValue

TechDays for Rocket D3 / mvBase in the UK

Last month I traveled to Warwick, UK to present at one of our Rocket MV TechDay for D3/mvBase events. If you’re not familiar with them, TechDays are one-day technical events for developers, architects, and IT staff who use Rocket D3 and mvBase products. We cover a variety of tech topics such as modernization challenges, user […]