• December 14, 2018
Funtional Silios in a company

Silo madness: how to put an end to silos with DevOps and ALM

“Silos, and how to prevent them” is one of those business issues at the top of many a board meeting agenda, and has been for years. When silos exist in your company, information is not shared. When information is not shared, teams work from bad data. With bad data comes bad decisions and wrong courses […]

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iCluster Journal Analysis Report Part 2 – Spool Files

In our last posts we covered the basics the DMANZJRN command used for journal analysis. The net result of the command is a set of 8 spool files with the results of the analysis. In this post we will list these spool files. Here are the spool files produced: DMANZJBAND – Total numbers of entries […]