iCluster Journal Analysis Report Part 4 – Sample Reports

In our last post, we looked at the contents of the first 4 spool files produced by the DMANZJRN command used for journal analysis. In this post we look inside the last 4 of those spool files.

DMANZJOB – This report show the total transactions by job name, date and hour. In this sample you can see that job GWDBRDMUPD in hour 17 of May 28 from user MARKW_X was the largest contributor.


DMANZJNENT – The native objects report shows the transactions by Object name and type and journal code and journal entry. In this example the largest number of transactions were deletes R DL and Inserts by RRN R PX for file WDREMARKS.


DMANZJBENT – This report is identical to the DMANZJNENT but for IFS.

DMANZJJRN – This report shows the transactions by journal, date and hour.


In our final post on DMANZJRN we will cover the command parameters.

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