• June 24, 2022

iCluster Object Counts Report

In our last post on iCluster Reports at iCluster 7.1 TR2 we cover the Object Counts Report. This is a great report that gives you an idea of what is actually on your system and can be used to help configure iCluster.

The Object Counts report is accessed through GO DMREPORTS Option 12 or the DMOBJCNT command.

Once again as shown below, there are only 2 parameters – Library which can be a specific library name, *ALL for all libraries or *ALLUSR for all user libraries and Output which can be * for display or *PRINT to only produce a spool file.


NOTE: It can take a long time to run this report if *ALL or *ALLUSR is specified, so for these two values, you should submit a batch job.

Here are the results.


The report is based on library and shows number of physical files and their total size, number of other objects and their size and finally the total number of objects and total size for each library as well was a description of the library. Note that system libraries are also included.

By importing the results of this report into a spreadsheet using ODBC (or by dragging the spool file from the Navigator onto your desktop and then importing), you can add a couple of columns Replicate Y/N and Application and figure out what libraries should be assigned to which iCluster group.



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