Infographic: do you have what it takes to win the game of self-service data discovery?

Rocket Discover provides an intuitive, high performance, self-service tool that makes it possible for business users and analysts to discover new opportunities, make more effective business decisions on a timely basis, and find answers to questions as they arise in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Business users are equipped with an end-to-end discovery experience: from data preparation to data discovery and simple reporting. Now users can easily transform disparate data sources into a single result set for visualization, by leveraging seven simple operations. Once the result set is complete, an intuitive canvas interface that includes drag-and-drop features, allows users to create, modify, and drill down on data visualizations that are displayed on a dashboard. As trends, outliers, and information are revealed in the data, users can easily drag dashboards into a chat window for immediate collaboration with other users about strategy, opportunity, and undiscovered revelations.

Discover has been engineered with a modern architecture and responsive design so that you can interact visually and natively with your mobile phone or iPad. Discover is available in the cloud or on-premises and uses a server-side architecture with a web interface so you never have to deal with client installations and updates.
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