Need an easy way to visualize your IBM Cognos TM1 data? Join us June 23, 2015 for a free webinar!

It used to be difficult for financial executives that use IBM® Cognos® TM1® for budgeting and forecasting to connect to TM1 database cubes and build colorful dashboards by themselves. Not anymore! Rocket Discover is a fully self-service data discovery tool for TM1 users–including CFOs and financial managers. Financial executives and analysts now have a quick and easy dashboard tool that they can use to answer financial questions right away. Like, “How well is the company doing against forecasted revenue?”

ConnectThe Rocket Discover canvas interface is fully programmed for  self-service and faster financial insight. Interacting with financial numbers in dashboard charts is simple and intuitive. Users can access financial information live during a query, update the figures, and see a new picture of the numbers. Rocket provides one-click TM1 data updates for near real-time reality in the dashboard. Just click and refresh–that’s revolutionary.

Anyone can build a simple dashboard, add a different data source, and drill away. Rocket Discover supports TM1 and non-TM1 data visualization. Suppose you’re in a business where oil and gas prices affect your company revenue. What if you could bring in live oil and gas prices from the mercantile stock exchange to better forecast revenue?  See it all in one dashboard for greater insight and analysis.

patrick.speddingAt Rocket, we understand IBM Cognos TM1 connectivity better than other vendors because of our longstanding partnership with IBM. No data discovery product can connect to TM1 data as quickly and easily as Rocket Discover can.

At 9 AM EDT on June 23, we’ll be presenting a free webinar focused on connecting & creating IBM Cognos TM1 dashboards with Rocket Discover. Rocket’s Patrick Spedding, Managing Director of BI R&D, will show you how easy it is for anyone–from analyst to CEO–to connect to TM1 data.

You can register for this FREE webinar on our website. You can also learn more about Rocket Discover & IBM Cognos TM1 as well as watch a quick Connecting TM1 video.

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