• June 25, 2022

Rocket Arkivio Autostor Expands on Leading Platform Support and Ergonomics

Cold data (data that hasn’t been accessed by end users or applications for over 6 months) is a silent killer of IT budgets leaking dollars in the form of unneeded capacity purchases, expanded backup requirements, failed restores, too long a time to server recovery, and regulatory and legal overhead. Continuing to talk to potential customers and clients about their ever changing and evolving challenges with data management, the Rocket engineering team has enhanced Rocket Arkivio Autostor to further address these customer requirements.

Rocket Arkivio Autostor has been leading the industry when it comes to the intelligence that is integrated into the product to make management of unstructured data a core competency of any IT department. This intelligence enables visibility into data across the infrastructure and allows administrators to quickly establish policies to Copy, Move, Migrate, Retain, Restore, or Delete data on the appropriate storage systems. To continue this tradition of excellence the Rocket Archive and Backup Management team has released two updates to Arkivio Autostor.

For new customers and those upgrading their Windows server environment there is the newly released Rocket Arkivio Autostor 8.1 which now supports and requires Windows Server 2012 R2 for the Arkivio Central Server (ACS) and all Remote Server Assistants (RSA). In addition, Arkivio Autostor 8.1 WTA supports Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 file servers including providing Tag Migration of data from both platforms.

The latest release for existing customers is Rocket Arkivio Autostor 7.2 which offers more file server support, an updated Launchpad for increasing features and usability, and expanded reporting capabilities. This release allows customers who haven’t made the shift to Windows Server 2012 to continue to use Arkivio Autostor and still take advantage of an expanded feature set and platform support.

Arkivio Autostor DashboardHere are some of the highlights of the new capabilities:

  • Expanded browser support
  • Robust logging capabilities
  • Improved file scanning performance
  • Enhanced Dashboard reports
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Enhanced Security
  • Upgrades to platforms and 3rd party product

Expanded file server support

Adding to the already extensive list of servers and object storage repositories supported includes:

  • Amazon S3 compatible targets
  • Quantum Lattus
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Windows Server 2012

This is in addition to extensive coverage of Linux/UNIX, Windows, EMC, NetApp, DFS, and Generic NAS (NFS or CIFS).

Redesigned Launchpad

Arkivio Autostor Launchpad The Arkivio Autostor Launchpad provides even more robust, user-friendly functionality. Users see only the components for which they are granted access and can access a new file search feature that can provide reporting information on files. Users can also easily link to frequently used web sites including preset links to the Rocket customer and support portals as well as to sites that they can define. In addition links have been added so users can quickly see all third party product licenses that are used with the Arkivio product and end user agreement.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. The Rocket Archive and Backup Management (ABM) solutions team is prepared to help support your business needs and ensure continued productive use of Arkivio Autostor whether you are upgrading the platform or your servers. We can be reached at the Rocket Customer Portal or at support@rocketsoftware.com. If you want more information on Rocket ABM solutions call us at +1-650-237-6246 or visit the Rocket website.

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