• June 25, 2022

Rocket at 25: how Rocket helps Japan’s automakers be globally competitive

iStock_000019558712XSmallWe often say that Rocket Software has over 10 million users and over 15,000 customers but those are just numbers. What is really important is who those people are and what they do with our technology to help drive their businesses. While our users work in many industries there is a strong concentration in the Japanese automotive industry that is a microcosm of how we help major organizations around the world.

We have been providing solutions to the Japanese automotive market since 1999 and today seven of Japan’s eight automakers along with 70 Japanese automotive suppliers rely on Rocket Software. Our recent expansion in Japan will help strengthen these relationships and expand our ability to solve their critical technology and business problems.

So how has Rocket achieved this level of success? For starters, we provide a cloud-based solution that enables the Japanese automotive OEMs to collaborate securely with the global automotive market. They know that they can share everything from design specifications to marketing plans to confidential finance documents without exposing sensitive information. In a vertical as competitive as the automotive industry, data privacy and protection is paramount.

Data protection is only part of the story, however. One of Japan’s best-known automakers improves the quality of its cars by calculating and reporting US supplier quality to the head office in Japan. This allows the company to automate and extend its legendary quality process to all of its global suppliers.

We’re also proud that another Japanese car company uses our software to improve automotive safety. We provide a secure collection and collaboration environment of test data from laboratories and field test operations centers, making it readily available to development engineers all over the world.  Implementing Rocket’s solution has provided an 87% productivity improvement in the test reengineering process.

We also improve Just-in-Time and lean manufacturing processes. In fact, Rocket is a certified EDI partner with several automotive OEMs. We understand the company’s EDI specifications and connect global suppliers for precise inventory control and sourcing.

We’re proud to have a near-universal presence in the Japanese automotive industry, and it’s a testament to how we listen to our customers, identify their needs, and built products to help them achieve their goals. To quote Marshall McLuhan, we are truly living in a global village where a decision made in Michigan can affect an outcome in Germany, and where software implemented in California can dramatically affect how a major corporation based in Tokyo allocates its resources. For more information about what this manifestation of globalization looks like, here’s an interesting report that’s definitely worth a read.


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