Rocket Discover: the results are impressive!

The results are in, and Rocket Discover delivers! Rocket Discover, a self-service, intuitive data-preparation, visualization, and discovery solution for business users, launched on April 30th, and the feedback on product usage and value is impressive.

Nucleus Research was commissioned to assess Rocket Discover and to interview beta participants. The result is a comprehensive view of Rocket Discover’s capabilities and market insight on product value.

Data Prep GDP buildout1Business intelligence has long been in the forefront of every organization’s business requirements and budget spending. However, today’s business executives and business users demand more than a simple BI solution. Of paramount importance to them is a self-service, intuitive BI solution…and Rocket Discover provides just that, and more. “Assessing the Value of Rocket Discover,” the research note from Nucleus Research, states:

[Rocket] Discover’s wizard-driven processes and prebuilt frameworks enabled users to reduce data preparation time by 50 to 70 percent while driving faster time to insight, lowering IT cost, and reducing risk.

collaboration 5Data preparation and data visualization typically require IT involvement which means end users frequently have to wait days or weeks to get answers to critical business issues. Rocket Discover removes this bottleneck by providing a data prep canvas that guides business users to join tables, apply filters, even add calculated columns. Not only does Rocket Discover reduce data prep time, but current users report that:

The greatest improvement over existing solutions is its simplified dashboard preparation.

Imagine this. After you establish a data source, you create a dashboard–in one click. With a second click or drag-and-drop motion, you dynamically add new dimensions and measures to your dashboard. A third click, and you’re on your way to discovering insights.

Interested in reading more about Rocket Discover and the ways that it is transforming how organizations tackle data problems? Read the Nucleus Report.


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Julianna Cammarano

Julianna Cammarano is Director of Product Marketing in the Rocket MultiValue group

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