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Rocket Discover–our new self-service business intelligence and visualization tool–is revolutionary in business intelligence because it’s totally self-service. You can choose files and analyze your business on your laptop or mobile device, anytime and anywhere, without anyone’s help. Discover is self-explanatory. And connecting to a database is easy. You can choose a file in your business enterprise, double-click to upload it, or drag and drop it in.

How easy is that for data preparation? You don’t need to buy another tool or call the guys in IT. Just click and create a dashboard. Done!

What can you learn about your customers, best-selling products, most profitable stores, business trends, or the buzz in social media? Ask away! Questions are infinite, and so too are the revelations about your customers, products and company. To make it even easier for you to use Rocket Discover, you can watch our new interactive tour videos! Click on the blue “Learn more” tab next to the video on our Discover page to watch videos covering these topics:

  • Navigation Overview
  • Introducing Dashboards
  • Editing a Dashboard
  • Drilling into Data
  • Data Preparation
  • Sharing and Collaborating
  • Connecting to TM1

The tutorials are very short, and you’ll practice using Rocket Discover step-by-step. In just 15 minutes you can see for yourself how you can drag in data files and create colorful charts and graphs with just a few clicks. Just click “Start Your Free Trial Today” at the top of our home screen.

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