• June 29, 2022

Get closer to your data with Spark

It’s a great day here in Boston, and I’m excited to be at The Analytics Experience, a great event being put on by TDWI. I’m also excited that this important event is taking place right here in Rocket Software’s hometown, and we’re spending the week meeting new people, seeing old friends, showcasing some of our customer successes, and learning about and contributing to some of the most important trends in data management and analytics.

One of our basic philosophies at Rocket is that distance matters when it comes to processing data, and that the closer one’s analytics are to their data sources the easier it is to increase efficiency, speed, and accuracy—and make better decisions. That’s why Rocket Software is “all in” with the IBM z13 mainframe, which was introduced earlier this year. z13 has raised the bar by letting these critical functions work together like never before.

Apache SparkIt’s also why we’re proud to be one of IBM’s close partners in its major Apache Spark initiative. Spark is an open-source cluster computing framework with in-memory processing to speed analytic applications up to 100 times faster than other technologies in the market today.

Today IBM announced they are bringing Spark to z Systems.  And today we are happy to announce our plans to support and extend this Spark on z/OS initiative with our Data Virtualization solution.  And while we are here at TDWI, we are also announcing our intent to bring R to z/OS as well.

At the heart of these initiatives is Rocket Data Virtualization, a solution that enables data from multiple, disconnected sources to be virtually integrated into a single, logical, data source and shared with any application, providing the right data, in the right format, at the right time.

If you’re going to be in at TDWI in Boston this week, be sure to come by and meet the Rocket and IBM teams to learn more about Rocket Data Virtualization and to see how we’re working together to make Spark and R critical components of the analytics on z.

Contact us to learn more about our mainframe solutions.

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Andy Youniss co-founded Rocket Software in 1990 and continues to be the company's main driving force. Andy successfully established and actively manages Rocket's largest OEM partnerships and is guiding the company's growth through technology investments, acquisitions, new product lines, and strategic partnerships. Prior to founding Rocket Software, Andy was the development manager for DB View Inc., a software company specializing in DB2 database tools. Previously, he was a programmer/analyst at American Management Systems, and was also a project development consultant. Andy holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.


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