• August 15, 2020

iCluster and Mobility Part 2 Getting Started

It’s 1:54am on a Tuesday morning, and dreams of your next summer vacation are swimming through your subconscious mind. Suddenly the phone rings. You kick the cat or dog off the bed, check the number on the call display and note it’s your office. Sighing, you groggily grab the receiver, glance at the clock and bark into the receiver, this better be important!

You learn that replication has gone down and you need to get it back up and running so you can meet the daytime online windows. You get up, drag yourself into the den, power up the laptop, discover that the internet is down, YET AGAIN, and forgetting the cell phone, decide to get dressed and drive for 45 minutes into the office. May as well as stay, as by the time you get to the office, power up the PC, and fix the issue, it’s going to be time to go to work anyway. Living the dream!

How would you like to just pull out your cell phone, bring up Safari, click on a favourite link, restart the group and then get back to sleep? You can with iCluster 7.1 TR2 and the Mobile Monitor!

In the Rocket Customer Portal for iCluster 7.1 TR2 item RIC-4180 as below,

Mobile Monitor 1

you will find the zip file for TR2 iCluster_71_TR2.zip which contains a file called iCMobileMon.war – this is the Mobile Monitor HTML5 application that needs to be installed in Apache Tomcat.

You will also see the file iClusterMobile_InstallGuide_V71TR2.pdf. Extract this file and read it to see how to install Apache Tomcat and deploy the war file into Apache Tomcat.

Mobile Monitor 2

We will cover these steps in our next post!


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