• June 30, 2022

iCluster and Mobility Part 4: Deploying the Mobile Monitor

In our last post we covered how to install Apache Tomcat on IBM i. Now we need to let Apache know about the Mobile Monitor. This means the WAR (Web application Archive) file needs to be deployed in Apache Tomcat. WAR files are like a zip file used to package a collection of JAVA Server pages, JAVA Servlets, JAVA classes, XML files, static web pages (HTML and related files) and other resources that make up a web application. The WAR file for the iCluster Mobile Monitor is provided as part of the zip file that can be downloaded from the Rocket Customer Portal.

One step that we didn’t cover in the last post was how to stop Apache Tomcat. If you want to stop Tomcat, run the /home/download/apache-tomcat-7.0.28/bin/shutdown.sh script in Qshell or set up a job schedule entry to run:

SBMJOB CMD(QSH CMD(‘/home/download/apache-tomcat-7.0.28/bin/shutdown.sh’)) JOB(STRTOMCAT7) JOBQ(QBATCH)

To deploy the Mobile Monitor WAR file, perform either one of the two following steps:

Method 1 (easier):

  1. Open a web browser and enter the URL http://your.server.name:8080/manager.
  2. Enter the default user ID and password (admin/admin) when prompted. The manager application is displayed as shown in the following figure :

Tech Tuesday July 21-1

3. Scroll down until you reach the Deploy section and under WAR file to deploy, click on Browse for Select WAR file to deploy and point to the WAR file that has been provided from the customer portal. Click Deploy.

4. Scroll up to the top and you should see OK

Tech Tuesday July 21-2

Method 2:

1. FTP the war file in Binary mode up to /home/download/apache-tomcat-7.0.28/webapps

Tech Tuesday July 21-3

The last step is to register the QUSER user profile for use with the Mobile Monitor, enter the following commands on all iCluster nodes:


DMADDUSR USER(QUSER) AUTH(*ADMIN) DESC(‘Mobile Monitor access user’).

At this point the mobile monitor can be used.

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