Rocket Discover Brings Trends and Variances to Life in Aviana Clients’ Daily Operation Reports

globehandTDWI will be hosting their Analytics Experience conference in Boston next week. This is a week-long event where attendees from some of the biggest companies will come together to learn about about data analytics and visualization, learning from some of the world’s top experts. As part of the event, Derek Hansen from Rocket customer Aviana will be presenting a case study covering his ogranization’s use of our newest product, Rocket Discover. As stated on the event website,

“Hotels and resorts worldwide look at their operations daily using some form of a daily operation report (DOR). This report is similar to a package of departmental and divisional P&L statements that usually contains audited daily revenue and statistics, joined with estimated cost of goods, labor, and other expenses. Because the business is seasonal and sensitive to the day of the week, YoY daily, MTD, and YTD comparatives are flexible and change each year. To date, most of this data is consumed either on paper or in a stock Excel format, but there is opportunity for rich visualizations to bring to life the trends and variances contained in the DOR data. Rocket Discover will be used to create these visualizations and allow managers and executives to create their own dashboards and visualizations with very little training.”

Derek will be joined by our own Julianna Camarrano, Director of Product Marketing for Rocket BI and Analytics solutions. Julianna will provide a brief overview of Rocket and Rocket Discover, and Derek will speak about Aviana’s custom IBM® Cognos® TM1® application for the hospitality industry, as well as demonstrate some dashboards built using Discover.

If you’re planning to attend the event, be sure to stop by and take in the presentation!

Session W4P: Rocket Discover Brings Trends and Variances to Life in Aviana Clients’ Daily Operation Reports
July 29, 2015
4:45 – 5:25 PM

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