• June 18, 2019

Live from SHARE: Accelerate your IMS data

It’s no secret that speed is the name of the game when it comes to computing. Every millisecond counts. The good news is that ultra-fast mainframe computers, including those powered by IBM’s new z13 processor, are up for the job. It’s important for software to be able to keep up to make sure that users get the most out of their technology investments – and that’s especially true for users of Information Management System (IMS) databases, which have been a mainstay of the mainframe world since they were first introduced by IBM in 1968.

So how can companies speed up access to their IMS data? Well, if you happen to be in Orlando today you can come see me discuss this important topic, but for everyone else, here are a few things that you might find helpful:

For many years, companies have been going through the process of extracting their IMS data, transforming it, and loading it to an analytics platform off the mainframe.  Over the years, when new needs and platforms arise, many companies simply setup new scripts and processes to extract the data again and again, leading to many copies of their IMS data.  Each copy presenting another potential security exposure and costing yet more z/OS CPU and I/O resources.

I’ll be talking about a very cool new appliance that has seen great success in the DB2 world called the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator.  This new appliance allows customers to run analytics and gain business insight on their DB2 data without the need to extract, transform and load it to other platforms.   Think of it as a supercomputer that is designed to work seamlessly with your DB2 data on z/OS!

While this appliance was designed to work specifically with DB2, I will be talking about tooling and processes that allow companies to use this appliance for more than just DB2 data and specifically IMS data.  Why not avoid all the hassle, latency, security concerns and high CPU cost of taking your IMS data off the platform that created and maintains it!


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Database Architect and Strategist Tim Willging joined the Rocket Software team in 2005 and was named a distinguished engineer in 2015. With over 25 years developing enterprise software tools, Tim has architected and authored several database products focusing on backup and recovery, cloning, administration, monitoring and change management. He has recently been focusing on solutions for advanced analytics on z/OS. He is currently based in Chicago, and is an alumnus of Northern Illinois University with an emphasis in theoretical computing.


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