• June 30, 2022

Rocket at 25: meet the Rocket Band

The Rocket Band

Rocket CEO Andy Youniss is an accomplished musician, and a number of terrific players have joined the company over the years. Not surprisingly, the company has formed The Rocket Band, which plays at a variety of corporate events and trade shows. The group, which includes members from all around the world, is a prime example of how Rocket creates a balance between work, fun, excitement, and creativity. As Andy explains,

“Based on some sage advice I received from a very close family friend, I decided to study computer science in college instead of studying music (I was passionate about playing both guitar and piano). Computer science was going to be my career, and music was going to be my hobby. I’m guessing that many of our Rocketeers made that same decision somewhere along the way. If you walk through our Rocket offices, you’ll find talented Rocketeers who are at the top of their profession, thought leaders, and domain experts. You’ll also find that they are accomplished guitarists, pianists, drummers, vocalists, and many more.

Each December I host a one-week summit meeting in Boston for our Rocket leaders. In past years, my wife, Mariann, and I would invite the team to our house for an evening of great food, casual conversation, connections, and collaboration. At some point during the evening, a group of Rocket leaders would inevitably end up in my basement music studio. This is where ‘The Rocket Band’ organically formed a few years ago. Paul Johnson and Gary Mumford grabbed guitars. Rich Berman played bass. Amedee Potier and Joe Devlin played keyboards. And my son Michael jumped on his kit and kept us in time throughout the night. Various incarnations of TRB have played at internal Rocket events in Bermuda, Las Vegas, and Boston.”

Most recently, the band played at the 2015 Boston Tech Jam, where they closed out the event. This incarnation of the band featured Andy on lead guitar, Mike Biere on guitar and vocals, Rich Berman on bass, Alan Brown on drums, Angela Simonelli on vocals, and Holly Langevin on vocals. We’re lucky enough to have a great video of the event, so take a look and meet the Rocket Band.

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  • Roberto Bisotto Reply

    August 25, 2015 at 8:43 am

    Congratulations. Cool! I have music as a hobby too. Cheers.

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