• June 18, 2019

Welcome to SHARE – and happy 60th birthday!

SHAREFrom August 9th-14th, enterprise IT professionals from around the world will gather in Orlando, Florida for SHARE’s summer event. SHARE is an independent, volunteer-run IT user group providing enterprise technology professionals with continuous education and training, professional networking, and industry influence.

SHARE has a long history of providing valuable industry influence all the way back to the beginnings of business computing. Much of what we have today is based on what SHARE was able to drive the industry to do over the years, and the August meeting is a special one, as SHARE will be celebrating its 60th birthday as an IT user group!

One of this week’s hot topics will be IBM’s new z/OS 2.2 operating system, which is slated for release in September. Other key topics include the IBM z/13 processor, big data, mobile, and security. And for the first time, SHARE is offering a three-day program for professionals who are new to z Systems and are looking to develop basic skills on the platform.

Rocket Software will be well represented at SHARE with a presence in the SHARE Technology Exchange, and 10 Rocketeers are scheduled to speak on 10 different topics! From z/OS to z/VM, IMS to DB2, and other topics in between, Rocket speakers will be there to help educate and network with the SHARE community.

Some of the topics Rocketeers will be talking about include using the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator as an analytic query engine using any z/OS data source, the importance of open source software in maintaining a healthy cross-generational development workforce, how to reduce the cost of managing archived data, and the importance of being prepared for digital transformation.

There is a lot of buzz about the upcoming SHARE event, and Rocket is proud to be a part of this great event. As Rocket celebrates its 25th birthday, we are delighted to join SHARE in helping to celebrate its 60th. We look forward to seeing you all this week at SHARE!

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