• July 1, 2022

Welcome to the World of Ported Tools for IBM z/OS

IBM’s new Z13 mainframe (via IBM.com)

Did you know that someone hid a powerful Unix machine inside all of your z/OS installs? Are you leveraging everything USS can do for you? What is OSS and what does it mean to a mainframer? And could your next major application be written by a summer intern?

I’ll be talking about all of these things this week at SHARE in Orlando, where I’m one of 10 Rocketeers who have been selected to lead sessions about the future of mainframe.

Apache SparkLike it or not, your mainframe is already running open source software – and it has for years! The pace of development for open source software running under z/OS has accelerated significantly in recent years, and most enterprises are trying to take advantage of everything this type of technology can do for them: reduce development costs, increase availability, and reduce time to market. Of course, recent IBM announcements paint an even brighter picture. Could the future already be here for those ready to take the plunge with open source software?

So if you’re in Orlando this week, come by to hear the latest updates and join the discussion on what’s possible with Open Source Software running under z/OS!

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