• April 15, 2021

Python will be a major theme at Rocket MultiValue University 2015

It’s less than two weeks until Rocket MultiValue University 2015, and my excitement around the event continues to grow. I am most interested in the sessions around the modern programming languages such as PHP, Node.JS, AngularJS, and Python.

PythonAt MVU, you can immerse yourself in Python with an awesome training session, including a high-level overview and basics of the modern programming language given by the IronYard’s Jeff Newburn. Topics such as the fundamentals (variables and class structures), as well as discussing how to use APIs and parse JSON responses, will be covered.

On Wednesday ‘s Introduction to Python session, see how Python (a rich, modern language with an interface directly to U2) adds a new dimension to MV development. See a new Python application access the U2 server and display a rich graphical interface. Also, learn how Python can extend your Basic language, adding thousands of packages with incredible breadth of functionality.

You can also attend the U2 Python Advanced session where we’ll take a deeper look at what Python adds to your embedded database. We’ll also describe the architecture and the interaction between U2 and Python. Access from both directions – U2 to Python and Python to U2 – will be demonstrated.

And don’t miss U2 Python Futures, where you’ll hear more about the ongoing U2 Python integration effort at Rocket. Come and take a look at the early prototypes of possible future products and share your own product ideas that utilize Python and deepen U2 Python integration.

Finally, experience a hands-on lab where you can use Python and the u2py module for accessing a U2 database, plus learn how U2 Basic can access Python.

I hope you plan to attend MVU and as many of the Python-related sessions/labs as possible. Python integration with MultiValue is so very exciting. While Python integration is not intended to replace the underlying native language of MultiValue, I think you’ll find it useful to discover the many ways it can enhance your business application.


Michael Rajkowski 1 Posts

As a member of the Rocket MultiValue Support organization, Michael has worked with MultiValue for over 25 years in numerous professional roles. He is especially fascinated with the areas of MultiValue that intersect with other technologies. He recently moved to Irvine, where he can not only expand his MultiValue expertise to include the Rocket D3 product family, but also where he, his wife and son can enjoy being closer to Disneyland.


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    Peter Gonzalez Reply

    February 23, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    Michael, so will Python be native and come with U2 in future releases? thanks

    -Peter G

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