• February 20, 2019

Rocket at 25: finding a balance

balancing-stonesWhat does success mean to you? If you are male, you probably define and view success differently from females. In the early 1970’s, the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth (SMPY ) surveyed 5,000+ intellectually talented students who were identified at age 12-14 and then tracked for 20 years. At that point, findings indicated that both sexes felt good about themselves and their success, but they differed on how they preferred to allocate their time.

The study showed that men placed greater weight on securing career success, whereas women were more balanced in their priorities regarding career, family and friends. And yet, as men progressed in their careers, their focus shifted from career to family. It became clear that both men and women seek a similar balance, but the timing appears to vary by gender.

Years ago, work/life balance simply measured the hours invested in work versus personal pursuits as two distinct segments of the day. The increasing emphasis on personal and family requirements has initiated work life/balance strategies from employers, including Rocket. Companies have found that instituting aggressive work/life balance practices has yielded benefits in employee satisfaction, recruitment and retention.

At Rocket, people of both genders are leading the way in finding an effective work/life balance, achieving great career success in all areas of the company, while giving back to their families and the community. These people range from engineers to executives, and work in every area from IT to sales to finance to product management and beyond. Rocket has many employees who are able to telecommute, work flexible hours, and work part time, which all contribute to a positive work/life balance.

While many of these practices were initially implemented because women pushed for them, all Rocketeers appreciate and benefit from the positive work/life balance strategies at Rocket.

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