• June 25, 2022

How Rocket Mainframe Data Service on Bluemix went from idea to reality

lighbulbRays of winter mid-morning sun were hesitantly entering the hotel’s conference room, where a number of Rocketeers listened intently to CTO Bryan Smith explaining the rules of Rocket.Build. Each team needed to present their idea in the most appealing way to potentially recruit some additional workforce from “floaters” around the room. Steve Able and I were the floaters–people invited to the Rocket.Build event, but without a specific project assigned.

Our choice was to join another team or come up with a new brilliant idea, right then and there. Steve elbowed me and said “Let’s do something with this Bluemix thing.” We stepped out to present an idea of mainframe data available in the IBM Bluemix cloud platform. Clearly our presentation was alluring enough to attract fellow Rocketeer Dave Romo to join our team.

A few nights later we presented our project to our CEO Andy Youniss. We mused about how fabulous it would be to have our tile on IBM Bluemix. Later we presented our solution in front of a panel of judges and the rest of Rocketeers gathered in Boston for the Leadership Summit. We didn’t win an award that day, but as the proverb says, good things come to those who wait.

Rocket Mainframe Data Access for BluemixFast forward a few months. Last week, we released a beta version of Rocket Mainframe Data Service on Bluemix, which allows developers using Bluemix (and optionally SoftLayer), to securely access all on-premise mainframe data.

You can make some really cool cloud apps, mobile or web, connecting cloud to your mainframe data using a popular JSON-oriented query language created by MongoDB. Or maybe build a dashboard using our SQL interface, presenting data from ADABAS or VSAM. Or joining data from IMS and DB2. Oh, the possibilities! Give me a shout if you would like to share your idea and try it for free!

But why I am reminiscing about this? Just to show you that at Rocket, ideas grow. Sometimes quite significantly.

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