The changing enterprise search and publishing landscape, part 2: choosing the right solution

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In our previous post, we focused on the enterprise search marketplace. Given all of the changes taking place in the market and the number of solutions available, it can be hard to make an educated decision. In this post we’ll discuss the factors that influence adoption of this technology and have the biggest impact on user success.

consideration factorsSelecting the most appropriate solution can be challenging, as there are numerous factors to consider. According to the Vanson Bourne research, 77% of respondents consider security and subscription management the most significant consideration.

Affordability is another major consideration, as evidenced by the fact that 72% of respondents say that the cost of licensing/implementation and maintenance was a consideration when making their decision. Other key factors that influence decisions are level of maintenance (71%), and the ability to edit documents with unique features (65%) (see the illustration to the left).

One possible explanation for security and subscription management being the top factor is the large number of audiences that require access to content.

Who are the key constituents that rely on enterprise search?access to search

Almost 79% of IT departments within the organizations surveyed need to access the publishing and enterprise search solution, followed by 65% of organizations’ finance departments. There are six departments named by more than half of respondents as needing access to the publishing and enterprise search solution.

In terms of external audiences, around 48% of respondents need their customers to have access, and 41% need to provide it to their partners. Overall, three quarters (76%) need to provide access to at least one external party.

On average, each respondent says four different internal departments and two different external groups use their organization’s search and publishing solution.

Specific Search and Publishing Features

featuresAlthough factors like security and cost are major considerations, the functionality of the product itself is also at the forefront of respondents’ minds. Significant consideration is given to:

  • The ability to edit in-document (62%)
  • The depth of search features (60%)

Delving deeper into search functionality, this study investigates some of the specific features that users value and those they want if currently absent.

Each respondent identified which of the existing features they consider most important:

  • Access control (65%)
  • In-document editing and cross-referencing (62%)
  • Scalability (61%)

This again reflects concern as to the most appropriate way content can be delivered to search and publishing users.

Despite the large number of features that respondents’ solutions have, 93% would nonetheless welcome certain additional features, suggesting that they are not entirely satisfied with the existing range of features that their solution offers. Full query search and text retrieval (52%) is the feature desired by most if they do not have it already.


In our next post, we’ll address the major shifts in the enterprise search industry. In the meantime, you can download the complete Vanson Bourne whitepaper from our website.

Download the whitepaper

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