The changing enterprise search and publishing landscape, part 3: What’s the impact on your organization?

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challengesIn part two of this series, we discussed the most important factors to consider when looking for an enterprise search solution to fit your needs. Beyond just looking at features, organizations also need to consider the challenges and consequences of implementing (and living with) the wrong solution. Many of these challenges have to do not only with the changing enterprise search industry, but the changes in organizational needs. With such a potentially large investment, you want to make sure the solution you’ve chosen can grow with your company.

The vast majority of respondents (91%) in a recent Vanson Bourne survey report some challenge associated with their current content solution. Inability to support a growing volume of content (38%) and difficulty in connecting and integrating various content types (32%) are among the most commonly encountered, but high cost is the top challenge and experienced by around half (48%). Notably, only 25% of Rocket users see high cost as one of their primary challenges.

The fact that no single answer dominates here shows that each organization surveyed experienced its own individual problems, making a one-size-fits-all solution inappropriate.

Coping with changing demands

One of the top challenges associated with search and publishing solutions is the ability to scale solutions to cope with increasing volumes of data. On average, data scalability is predicted to increase from 168TB to 223TB by 2017–an increase of 33%. These increases are predicted in every sector and every country, with the largest in the US.

Only 4% of all respondents have not experienced any changing search and publishing needs in the last five years. The most pressing demands from the last five years are:

  • Exponentially growing volume (58%)
  • Expanding to more devices (55%)
  • Accessible on more platforms (55%)
  • More content access for internal/external users (39%)
  • Larger number of unstructured data formats (34%)
  • Internal/external access to all social media channels (31%)
  • Tighter integration with analytics and visualization (27%)scalability

Have these changing demands been met? While there has been some limited success, 56% report some degree of failure to meet the demands.

Rocket users have been able to meet these challenges with greater success; 100% of Folio/NXT users say they been able to provide access to more specialist content, compared with 68% on average. Folio/NXT users (83%) are also more likely to say that they have met the challenge of contending with a wider number of unstructured formats well, compared to 58% overall.

Consequences of failure

The majority (81%) typically point to three different negative consequences from failing to respond to all these challenges. These are often highly damaging to the organization:

  • Loss of employee productivity (45%)
  • Loss of revenue (23%)
  • Loss of customers (21%)
  • Loss of a new business opportunity (19%)
  • Loss of business to a competitor (19%)
  • Loss of an incremental business opportunity (18%)
  • Delay in getting things to market (17%)
  • Loss of repeat business (14%)
  • Damage to brand and reputation (14%)

This highlights why having an up-to-date solution that can respond to changing demands is so important. As seen previously, Rocket products are rated as totally up-to-date by a higher proportion of users than any other solution.


In the our final blog post of the series, we’ll address how to save time and money with offline access. In the meantime, you can download the complete Vanson Bourne study on our website. You can also visit our website to learn more about the Rocket Folio/NXT product suites.

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