• June 27, 2022

Today is pajama day…

Bunny_slippersToday is pajama day. Well, only officially at my child’s school–not at Rocket–but I just made it a Rocket event. It means I’m working from home today because, although I like a good laugh in the office, I draw the line at the silly socks day. Secondly, I don’t want to be chased by security (like I was at last year’s Rocket.Build event for wearing a robe for a skit). And our Atlanta office is in a posh Buckhead neighborhood, so we’re expected to dress nicely–one never knows when a customer may drop by.

What’s so cool about pajama day? First of all, I could sleep in today. My mind is rested and flowing with ideas, rather than stressing out about traffic. This morning I was ready to jump in, and imagine that–I even found time to write another blog entry (which have been neglecting recently). OK, I admit that I did press the button on the dishwasher while I was getting my tea, but it didn’t take me more time than a casual encounter in the office’s kitchen.

Many of us at Rocket work from home. We are a distributed company, and we wouldn’t have all the talent we have now if we only hired people within driving distance of an office. (Nota bene, distance is a relative term in Atlanta and it is measured in javax.xml.datatype.Duration. I live 20-90 minutes from the office, depending on the time of the day).

It’s not easy to work from home. I did it once for a few months and I was craving the office interactions, impromptu white boarding sessions, and just office social life. And one has to have really good discipline, because there are things to distract you from work. The fridge is always tempting, there might be a forgotten household task, and your-good-health-resolution-to-get-up-every-hour may actually lead you to a cookie jar.

But in the end, does it really matter if we write software at 3PM or 3AM? Rocket delivers software that matters because we care, many of us putting extra effort to finish a task, assure quality, and because we are proud to create something useful. We pick up the phone any time of the day to answer customer’s question, no matter our personal schedule. And with all technology available, I can meet my colleagues face to face every night using a Web cam to discuss work and life, pickup an office call on my computer or forward it to my cell phone, and be available anywhere in the world. One has to be grateful to Rocket IT for making it so easy!

As Janet put it, it’s all about finding balance. So for those of us who work from an office – how about pajama day every third Tuesday of the month?

Time to get yogurt from the fridge and scratch cats behind the ears. Be back in 5.

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