• August 14, 2020

Introducing Rocket Mainframe Data Service for IBM Bluemix

Rocket is leading the way in enabling hybrid cloud for the most trusted enterprise platform: the z Systems mainframe. We recently launched a new Bluemix-enabled service that facilitates access to all mainframe data (VSAM, IMS DB, physical sequential, SMF records etc.) as if it was stored in MySQL or MongoDB. This will enable cloud and mobile developers to consume this data with no friction.

Why is this important?

Major enterprises trust the IBM z Systems platform to run their transactional workloads and to host their systems of record. As these organizations move into the agile world of providing a differentiated mobile experience for their customers, they often run into barriers with access to this data. This usually happens because accessing this data required a different set of skills (until today). With the launch of this service, we are giving the cloud and mobile developers in your organization the ability to access data on the mainframe without skipping a beat. In fact, in most cases, they won’t even need to know that the data resides on a mainframe as they will simply consume data using SQL or MongoDB APIs. The agility that this brings to development timeframes cannot be overstated.

Rocket Mainframe Data Service for Bluemix

Here are some additional reasons why you should try out this service today.

  • Easy to access: Rocket Mainframe Data Service on Bluemix makes it easy to access and leverage z Systems data for developers working in hybrid cloud environments, removing the cost and complexity typically associated with extracting data from mainframe environments.
  • Easy to use: Rocket Mainframe Data Service on Bluemix makes z Systems data easy to consume by hybrid cloud environments delivering the data in a relational format via industry standard SQL and MongoDB APIs. Developers can now use their favorite protocol to access any number of data sources–without worrying about the underlying data format.
  • Data agility: Rocket Mainframe Data Service on Bluemix increases data agility for hybrid cloud environments by enabling z Systems data to be accessed virtually regardless of location, format or interface.
  • Real-time data: With its capability for data virtualization, Rocket Mainframe Data Service on Bluemix provides real-time access to z Systems data for hybrid cloud environments, eliminating the risk of inconsistent, outdated information.
  • Data security: Rocket Mainframe Data Service on Bluemix provides secure, seamless access to z Systems data for hybrid cloud environments, with robust security and auditing features to ensure data will remain secure when creating new cloud applications in Bluemix.

If that wasn’t enough, the service is completely free while in beta. So give it a try–we look forward to hearing from you.


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Azeem Ahmed joined Rocket Software in 2003 as a Software Engineer after having graduated from UT Austin. Over the course of past fifteen years, he has held many engineering and management roles. In his current role as Chief Technologist for Cloud, Azeem helps lead Rocket R&D around Hybrid & Public Cloud, is responsible for Rocket’s Cloud strategy, and leads Emerging Tech Research Group focused on Big Data Analytics & Cloud. In addition to this role, Azeem was instrumental in conceiving the Rocket.Build program – an internal hackathon for Rocket Engineers. He continues to direct that program every year for our engineers.


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