• June 24, 2022

Live from IBM Insight2015: How are you being disruptive?

600_436861430What does a high school teacher from the inner city have in common with Uber, Rent the Runway, Air BnB, Local Motors and Under Armour? They have all been disruptive in their own ways. From Uber changing the transportation industry to Rent the Runway changing women’s fashion, to a high school teacher inspiring students to overcome the status quo.

I’m a sucker for inspirational stories, especially when it comes to education. At IBM Insight2015’s (#ibminsight) Wednesday morning General Session, I was treated to such a story. If you’ve never heard of Spare Parts, it’s a story of how Fredi Lajvardi and Allan Cameron created a robotics team and led an inner city high school to beat the odds and win over power-house schools like MIT.

Carl Hayden Community High School is, as mentioned, an inner-city school where 80% of the population lives below the poverty line and many students speak limited English. I’m sure many people around them probably wondered why they thought they could compete against teams from universities like Stanford and MIT, when instead they were asking the question “why not?” The story was truly inspirational, and epitomizes conquering diversity and instills what it means to be truly disruptive.

Along those same lines, you have break-out companies that are also changing the world we live in every day. Whether it’s 3D printed cars, rent-able fashion, or changing athletic wear, innovative companies have constantly answered the call to solve problems in new ways.

I like to think Rocket Software is one of those companies. With Rocket Discover we’re changing the way people can access their data; their way, so they can become disruptive themselves. Likewise, with Rocket Mobile we’re making it easy for people; non-developers to create their own mobile applications to quickly bring their business to life in ways never before possible.

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