• June 27, 2022

Live from Rocket MultiValue University: learning from our customers

GearsOur Customer Advisory Boards (CAB) always stimulate good conversations, but the one we hosted yesterday at Rocket MultiValue University was the first CAB where we’ve had the benefit of in-person participation, making for a particularly lively discussion.

Participants included a mix of more than 30 distributors, ISVs, and even a couple of end users from the US, UK, Europe, South Africa, and as far away as Australia and New Zealand.  As always, users seemed the most interested in networking with each other and seeing how they all are attacking various issues key to their business.  We broke the session into four working groups to answer several questions about the industry and technology and then came back together to share thoughts.

One of the hottest topics was hiring and what types of skillsets our users are looking for.  Most weren’t specifically hiring for new technologies but looked for applicants who “understood data” or java programmers who could “do the full stack.”  One of the younger participants (a self-identified 27-year-old java programmer) talked about how he ended up working on MultiValue (through a friend’s introduction). The user (note – he was from one of our sponsors) works in collaborative groups with other programmers serving as “a bridge” to new and old technologies.  Other companies followed a similar development model allowing younger programmers to learn from the “old dogs” and vice versa.

Rocket MultiValue CAB

Not surprisingly, the CAB turned to a review of new technologies, including mobile, cloud, security, APIs, and the need to integrate well with other data types.  While many users claimed their communities all wanted to be in the cloud, they confessed that few end users knew how to do it securely today.

Conversations continued over dinner and the opening reception.  What’s clear is our users are all problem solvers.  They’re in their present roles because they want to create compelling applications for demanding users.  One participant noted he moved to MV because more traditional coding environments had all the appeal of “data entry.”  What’s also clear is many of the applications our users work on continue to drive critical financial, retail, transportation, and other essential services.

I am looking forward to the next opportunity to host a CAB.  Our customers never fail to provide us with the direction they want to see us go and their passion about the best way to get there.  Bryan Haglund, from Market America, indicated that participating in the CAB session made his attendance at MVU worthwhile, so you can bet that we will be listening again soon.

Tell us how you got into the MV world – what do you enjoy most about it?

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