• June 30, 2022

Live from IBM Insight2015: Booth Babe Diary

I’m a boIMG_0770oth babe this year at IBM Insight. No, of course I’m not a scantily dressed model. It simply means I’m spending a lot of my time staffing the Rocket booth here at the show. It’s my brain power that supposed to lure customers to our very comfortable lounge environment and have a chat with me. Some folks shy away from booth duty, but I find it very rewarding. Maybe I won’t hear about all the latest and greatest technology news from the thought leaders directly, but I will hear about your challenges, Dear Customer, directly from you! And that is pretty much priceless, because it will help us to build the next feature or next product that will fit your needs!

As you all know vendors are at the conferences to promote their solutions, brands, and of course capture leads. It used to be “the more leads the better,” but we’re taking a different approach. Who needs more email follow-ups from a vendor just because they happened to have the best tchotchke on the floor and scanned your badge before giving it to you? We will only scan your badge if you had a nice conversation with a Rocketeer and you believe that we may have a solution to your problem. So don’t be afraid, stop by and ask me a question about Rocket Mainframe Data Service for Apache Spark on z/OS–maybe we will find a nice use case together!

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I am a Product Manager at Rocket by day and an artist by night. I love to paint, sketch, sculpt and make hats. Yes, hats.


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