• December 3, 2021

Live from IBM Insight2015: Mobile Analytic Insights

systems_of_insightOne of the takeaways from IBM Insight 2015 is that the user experience needs to be contextualized and personalized. When this user experience is provided through a mobile app, then the System of Insight will need data from the mobile device itself, in order to enable that user experience. What additional data is needed and how is that leveraged in the System of Insight? Let’s find out.

The System of Insight

The Systems of Engagement and Systems of Record together deliver increased value through a class of systems known as Systems of Insight. The Systems of Record provide insight into your transactions (e.g. purchases, products, services, loyalty programs) and your demographics (identification, age, income).

The Systems of Engagement provide social insight into sentiment, likes, opinions and even personality by mining your social media accounts. This information is enough to personalize the user experience, but what about context?

Mobile Analytics

By collecting in-app statistics, mobile analytics provide valuable insight for the application developer, like application usage (funnel analysis), which platforms are the most popular and application performance. These insights will help improve the mobile application.

Mobile analytics also can give insight into the application users’ context, movement and location. When you enter a venue that has indoor location tracking devices like iBeacons you enable a new category of insight for the System of Insight called Presence Insight.

Presence Insight

Presence Insight, as the name implies, gives insight in your presence in the venue. It knows what zone you are in, what zones you have visited and the time spent in each zone. Based on that information the System of Insight can have your mobile app suggest to you to look at a product in a certain zone based on a purchase you made earlier.

The System of Insight can also inform the store associate that you probably need assistance because you spend more than the average time in a certain section. A truly contextual experience.


Research predicts a 37% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) from 2015-2019 for indoor location awareness. Research also shows that 62% under age of 34 are willing to share location and personal information for better content and services.

Even though I like the functionality this technology enables, I am not sure I want my location to be monitored 24/7. How do you feel about these location tracking services? Let me know in the comment section below.

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