• June 25, 2022

What made Hitech Systems bring 10 people to Rocket MultiValue University?

Hitech Systems is a Los Angeles-based company that builds solutions for public safety agencies. Their SafetyNet product is built using Rocket U2 technology, and company president Henry Unger has been a longtime member of the Rocket MultiValue community.

When I found out that Henry had brought a team of 10 people to MultiValue University this week, I had to find out why. It turns out that Henry recently hired some younger developers who weren’t completely familiar with MV, and he wanted to get them up to speed—quickly. Henry had attended some of the MV Tech Days  TechDays that we hosted over the last few years, and knew that MVU would be a great opportunity to get his team up and running.

Henry told me that “Our job is making the world safer and Rocket MultiValue has helped us develop cool apps to assist in everything from responding to emergencies with the right resources to tracking down bad guys to helping police with automated technology to supplement staffing needs in light of budget cuts…Having worked with MultiValue technology for nearly 40 years I’m very familiar with the way MultiValue mimics the way business users think and view data rather than having them focus on a zillion tables and joins.”

One additional benefit for Henry that helped justify the cost of sending 10 people to MVU was that certification exams are included in the price. Henry explained that “This way I know that my staff are getting the right level of training to advance their MV knowledge and continuing their personal development by acquiring certifications in this technology. Basically, they needed to learn everything about the UniVerse and MVU was absolutely the right place for that.”

Thanks to Henry and the Hitech team for being a part of the MultiValue community. And while it may be too late to attend MVU this year, you can still get certified like the Hitech team at other Rocket MV events!

Hitech Systems at Rocket MultiValue University
Henry Unger (second from left) with the Rocket MV team

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