• June 26, 2022

What’s New in Rocket Mainstar Database Backup and Recovery for DB2 v3.1

Rocket Mainstar Database Backup & Recovery Version 3.1 is now available for download.

DBR for DB2 enables data to be backed up instantly, without affecting running applications. Version 3.1 further enhances the ability to protect your DB2 systems and ensure a successful recovery when required.

Version 3.1 provides several enhancements, which extend functionality and value:

DB2 11 for z/OS Support

DB2 11 for z/OS provides many benefits, including saving money, saving time, and reducing costs. IBM states enhanced continuous availability, scalability, and security for business-critical information. Its sophisticated critical business analytics, along with simpler, faster migration and deeper integration between DB2 and z Systems earned the popular adoption of DB2 IT departments all over the world.

Improved overall elapsed time for system level backups

Multi-tasking of the offload and object collection process improves overall elapsed time by running the offload and the object discovery in parallel. Users backing up large systems can experience improvements in elapsed runtime for the System Level Backup process.

Overall reduction in the wall clock time required to do an OFFLOAD or RESTORE

Spawning multiple jobs and performing dynamic volume selection provides an overall reduction in the wall clock time required to do an OFFLOAD or RESTORE from offload. This is achieved by increasing the total number of tasks which can be processed and also by allowing the work to be spread across multiple jobs and LPARs. The result is reduced time required to perform SLB OFFLOAD and RESTORE from an offloaded SLB.

Increased efficiency with simultaneous running of Backup and Utility Jobs

When executing a System Level Backup, DBR could stop processing with the message indicating that it found objects in a restricted state. In busy shops, utilities can be running at all times, and customers need to be able to run the backup job at the same time as utility jobs. Version 3.1 provides the option to ignore objects that are in RW, UTUT status so that backup jobs continue.

Coordinated recovery of the DB2 objects and IMS databases

Many applications on the mainframe have transactions that span DB2 and IMS databases. This feature provides support for the coordinated recovery of the DB2 objects and IMS databases that are used by an application by streamlining the process of recovering applications that use both DBMS.

Added flexibility to ignore warnings for archive logs

When Subsystem Analysis executes as part of a backup it issues warnings when archive logs are not on volumes that are in the scope of the backup.  This is an acceptable situation in some shops; however, the many messages being issued when this situation arises could mask a real problem.  This enhancement gives the user the ability to optionally ignore warnings for archive logs that could add unnecessary complexity to the process.

Flexible profile management

When a profile is created, the user can now set the profile creator to any user ID. The user can also change the profile creator if there is no user ID that matches the profile creator and it needs to be changed.

Download and more information:

For a complete list of enhancements and updates please visit:  “What’s New in Rocket Mainstar Database Backup for DB2 v3.1.”

If you have a current support and maintenance agreement with Rocket Software, you can access the Rocket Customer Portal to download the new release. If you’re using DBR and not on maintenance, you can contact your Rocket Software account executive or complete the contact form on Rocket Software website.

For more general product information please visit:  Rocket Mainstar Database Backup and Recovery for DB2.


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